The Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics’ Senate

The Extract from the Statement of the regular inaugural session of the FNM Senate on 02.12.2014.

The FNM UM Senate consists of:

  • prof. ddr. Boris Aberšek,
  • prof. dr. Boštjan Brešar,
  • prof. dr. Mitja Kaligarič,
  • prof. dr. Samo Kralj,
  • dr. Mitja Slavinec (Dean and member of the Senate by function),
  • dr. Sonja Škornik,
  • prof. dr. Andrej Šorgo,
  • prof. dr. Nataša Vaupotič,
  • prof. dr. Aleksander Vesel,
  • prof. dr. Blaž Zmazek,
  • Sabina Gabršček, student,
  • Marko Šterk, student,
  • Jerneja Žerak, student.


The Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics’ Senate is constituted.

The term of office of the Senate is from 22 November 2014 to 21 November 2018.

The student members of the Senate are elected for the period until 17 October 2018.

Timetable of the Senate’s meetings

The meetings of the Senate

Records of the Senate’s meetings 2014 – 2018

Records of the Senate’s meetings  2010 – 2014

Statue UM (Article 311)

The Senate of a member of the university is an expert body of the university composed of higher education teachers and researchers employed by the University of Maribor. Usually, the Senate is composed of teachers and researchers who occupy a post within that faculty. The number of members of the Senate is determined in the general Act from Article 312.

Members of the Senate are elected by the Academic Assembly of the faculty in such a way that all scientific and artistic disciplines and professional and academic fields of the member of the university are equally and adequately represented.

Members of the Senate are also elected student representatives, who must have the status of a student, so that the Senate has at least one fifth of students as its elected members.

Members of the Senate of the faculty, who are student representatives are elected by the Student Council of the faculty.