The Dean

The dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics of the University of Maribor is doc. Dr. Mitja Slavinec.He has been appointed Dean from 03.11.2015 until 02.11.2019, which is stated in the Order nr. 024/2015/O 341/523-JG .

Statue UM ( Article 330)

In accordance with the Statue of UM – UPB11, the dean of the university member is the administrative leader of that university member. The dean also has other authorizations and responsibilities that are stated in the Higher Education Law (Zakon o visokem šolstvu ZViS-UPB/, Ur. I. RS, nr. 32/2012 with changes and replenishments by 57/2012), Regulations on modifications of the University of Maribor (OdPUM-1, UR. I.RS, nr. 28/2000 with changes and transformations by 96/2009), this Statue and Acts of general application of the university. Additional tasks can be added by the Rektor of the University.

The Deputy Deans

In accordance with the Article 335 of the Statue UM – UPB11, every member of the University of Maribor has 4 deputy deans.

The FNM UM Senate confirmed at the 5th Extraordinary Session od 21th of January 2016 new deputy deans for the period from 28.01.2016 to 27.01.2010.

The functions of the deputy deans at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics are filled by:

  • Deputy dean for Scientific Research and International Activity: red. prof. dr. Boštjan Brešar
  • Deputy dean for Educational Activities: red. prof. dr. Franc Janžekovič
  • Deputy dean for Collaboration with public institutions: red. prof. dr. Blaž Zmazek
  • Deputy dean for student inquiries: Marko Šterk (03.11.2016 – 02.11.2018)