Management board

The composition, responsibilities and manner of operation of the Management Board of the faculty is stated in the Statute of UM – UPB11.
The members of the Management Board of the Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics of the University of Maribor are:

  • Dean doc. dr. Mitja Slavinec (by function)
  • Deputy dean Marko Šterk (by function)
  • Secretary mag. Boris Munišič (by function)
  • prof. dr. Srečko Glodež
  • prof. dr. Mitja Kaligarič
  • prof. dr. Aleksander Vesel
  • dr. Aleš Fajmut

At its 9th regular meeting, the FNM Academic Council elected members for the Management Board, whose term of office lasts from 23 March 2015 to 22 March 2019.

Managment Board Meeting Transcriptions 2015 – 2019

Managment Board Meeting Transcription 2009 – 2015

Statue UM (Article 319)

The management board of the faculty supervises the activities of the faculty in matters of material nature, regarding the decisions taken by the dean in the management and disposition of funds acquired by the faculty in legal transactions in its own name and for its own account.

The faculty’s work program and financial plan, which represent the content of the work (services, projects, etc.) with the aim of operationalizing the activities referred to in Article 14 of the Statute UM, is adopted by the Management Board of the member of the university. The faculty must also plan the forms of participation of the faculty with the economy and its activity on the market.

The Management Board decides on matters of a material nature regarding the disposal of surplus funds created by the faculty in accordance with the program of work and the financial plan and the final account of the faculty of the activity according to Article 14 of the Statute of the University.